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It’s time to share a good thing

I actually saw this on Julian Lennon’s page and I liked it so for your listening pleasure………here is:

Big Bad World  Acoustic L.A.

Go far!



check out Lose Your Mind on here :

I got that Rishikesh feeling on this one!  I like that !

another nice little blip here:

and this is Pray

ciao for now,

very emotional dance

Of course always being a Three Dog Night fan, I probably decided when I was little that Spain would be on the horizon.  It took me till the year 2012 to make that happen but hey better late than never.

for your listening pleasure, the song I mention:

This trip included Madrid, Segovia and Toledo.  It started with four days in London, a flight to Spain and later a flight back to London in time for some Diamond Jubilee celebrations before heading home to the good ol’ US of A.

Flight over not too bad, about 24 hours before the flight I was armed and dangerous at the computer for check-in for my beloved seat with LEG ROOM J16, well a girl from Egypt beat me to it because I got K16 right next to her, my friend Kelly’s usual seat but hey no screaming baby.  I love babies….I don’t like babies during flights unless they are sleeping.  Sorry.

The plan is Chris my friend from the UK is picking me up from Heathrow.  I warned her look for Godzilla because I can’t sleep on planes.  I worked 10-1/2 hours the day of the flight than flew all night arriving 9:30 a.m. looking just like Godzilla as promised but alas she found me!

Two days in South End Sea….

The people:  Sir Winston Churchill & Anne Boleyn

Once picked up by Chris and her family, we all head to the South End where she lives.  It feels weird driving on the wrong side.  Is it the wrong side?  I’d like a list of who’s driving where now.

Jet lag heavy we plan nothing really but relaxing for Day One and dinner by the pier for dinner, longest pleasure pier I might add.   Out back we sit catching up; laughing having wine and I get my first “spotted dick”.  Candy bar that is……it’s a famous dessert in the UK, kind of clever with the name wouldn’t you say?

Did I tell you London was boiling?  I joked some two weeks before leaving.  London put away those umbrellas; get out that sunscreen the sun is going to shine everyday because I’m coming.  That was a joke of course but you check the weather reports and you will find I was right!  So we sit out in the fantastic sunshine and enjoy the heat.

In a while, I’m down for the count and have a nap but not too much.   Me, Chris, Stuart, Janet & Paul head to the Fisherman’s Wharf.  I like it a lot.  Those who know me can imagine my sheer delight on finding Corona on the menu.  Me and Stuart, Chris’s son had two!  This place would make a true Marylander’s heart jump, seafood is all over the menu and some things are done in a new way like Chris’s shrimp and guacamole, two things I never would dream of merging but darn it was good.   I had fish and chips.  I ordered the small and wow it came out big!  (the place)

So with a lovely dinner, cold beer, GREAT company and a view I end day number one.  Thank you Chris, Stuart, Janet & Paul.

Tomorrow I’m visiting Mr. Winston Churchill, well not really him but as close as I can get and that’s his home in Chartwell.  After that, Anne Boleyn and her childhood home, kind of creepy knowing what happened to her.

What’s not to love about Winston Churchill?  That cigar….  J

Next morning:

We rise early and I am refreshed.  Chris’s sister & hubby are driving us to Chartwell.  This is the home of Winston Churchill till his death.  I admire this man; he was a symbol of courage, a good author, decent painter and stood up to Hitler.  With that alone I’m hooked on the man.   That I get to step foot in his home, an absolute honour.

It’s an easy ride there and I am enjoying reading some of the road signs.  US and UK to me are so much alike but at the same time so very different, signs being one of them.  My personal favorites:

Emergency Escape Lane (who are we escaping from, a monster, aliens?)

No hard shoulder for 150 yards (aren’t all shoulders on the road hard, will we sink?)  Later I saw “soft shoulders”?  Maybe we will sink?

 ! Caution Wild Animals (what kind? Lions and tigers and bears oh my?)

Chris thinks maybe badgers.


I have a lot more photos I’ll be loading in Flickr.  (top of my blog page is the link for flickr)

I like when tall ships and naval vessels visit Baltimore.  It makes our little piece of the world sparkle, creates memories for all and gives everyone a chance to meet people from all over the world.  Here’s a bit of my tiny piece.  This celebration is to commemorate the War of 1812.  Baltimore was the prize but the British didn’t get it and we got a song.  The National Anthem.

Here’s a list of the visiting ships.  I did not get to make it to all of the ships but loved everything that I did get to see and the people I met.  We had great fun aboard the Guayas and learned “dancing” is a universal language.  So is smiling!   🙂


ps:  I’ll add links in the comment section that you might find interesting.  (feel free to comment tho)

Ciao for now and a hug  to Germany for this:

As it left Baltimore, the German frigate Hessen raised its nation’s flag. Tucked behind the bridge, the warship flew an extra set of colors: an orange-and-black Orioles banner. 

That’s our baseball team!

Hello again world!

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