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Is it safe for women to travel to Italy alone?

click the link, watch the video I made, decide for yourself !  If you go, I would LOVE to hear about your trip!

ciao for now,

Reagan Richards….

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I had Reagan on my old blog and must have here on my new one also!  I love her voice and her music videos. 

Her tunes just stick in my head.

For your viewing and listening pleasure:

Freedom to be:  (this one delays a few seconds before playing but it will play)


enjoy 🙂

REAGAN RICHARDS is a former child model who got her earliest influence from her mother, a big band singer in the 1940’s. At age 10, she sang on the Steve Allen show and has gone on to a successful career including four years with Les Paul, which included All Star concerts on both coasts with the legendary guitarist. She lived in Nashville for 7 years, where she was a session vocalist and has performed with many other artists including Lisa Loeb, guesting on the hit tv show, Gossip Girl with the star. She writes & directs her music videos, with her latest co-starring Billy Burnette, former Fleetwood Mac singer/guitarist. She is very passionate about her work with various cancer charities through Share the Mic, a company that pairs music artists with foundations. She performs throughout the country at events, most recently with Fran Dreschers Cancer Schmancer Foundation in Washington, DC. Her upcoming project is an all-star Rock and Roll Runway show in New York City that she will be both host and performer and will benefit several cancer foundations. Her album is slated for a late summer 2012 release.

my mom, kelly, me , and Kelly’s mom

This 2007 trip to Italy saved me.  Here’s my story how I got my groove back.  I haven’t looked back since. 

After ten million hours of research, I come up with this, …………….and a Mom,  background on us – two friends , we are in our 40’s, both just experienced a nasty split with our significant others, (pure coincidence ) during our deep suffering we decide we need a trip, a big one, it will help our new found freedom, see amazing sights and to live it up a bit, so I told my momma about the plan, was ready to book it the next day, so what does she say? I want to go too !! , it’s something I should see before I die, DON’T YOU THINK??

I love Mom I do – but I didn’t expect to take her plus she is very frightened of planes, so she has to be drugged and she’s a slow walker, she’s 62— young still… but walks in that “stroll” mode, me— i’m like road runner, one mile ahead of her, so she puts the guilt on me and i have to take her plus call my friend tell her my mom’s joining , if she doesn’t mind?  I call Kelly and well she laughs hysterically , not the reaction I anticipated low & behold she tells me, i didn’t know how to tell you this but my mom wants to go too, so we are off in September, us and the momma’s.

Rome – Day One

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