July 2012


On Saturday morning, Megabus is our best friend to New York. Arriving on time, we head to our friend Ellen’s house to spend one night.  The next day we are moving to a hotel I wanted Kelly to check out.  Kelly goes home Monday, me on Tuesday.  This trip is going to be short but sweet.

The plan is to train to New Jersey later in the evening.  Another friend (Barb) will pick us up from a station there and take us to the State Theater in New Brunswick. We are going to the Glen Burtnik & Friends/The Music of Paul McCartney show. Not that we don’t love Glen Burtnik but the draw for us is Reagan Richards who’s going to sing at this show as well. (on my blog I have videos posted of her) I love her music videos and voice so I was thrilled when Barb suggested let’s go see Reagan.  Maxine our other friend who lives outside of NY city is coming into town as well and will see the show with us.

The Show

The show was excellent and a wonderful trip down memory lane! Reagan’s persona and voice is even better live on a stage. She’s a force to be reckoned with, so watch out! Her time in the sun is coming! It’s all we can do not to hop up and dance in the aisles but we sit on our hands. Kinda! What I liked about the show was that Glen Burtnic showcased so many musicians and singers. Some known, some not, it was all wonderful to me. We all really enjoyed this show. I have to tell you one funny thing or thought. As I looked around the theater, I see quite a bit of older couples, 70ish and I think wow that’s strange them all coming out to this show– than it dawns on me in the next thought,– well of course they would, Paul McCartney will always look like a boy to me but he’s not, he’s 70! These are his mates, his era, his people.

Ding dong I say to myself.

Headed back on a train to New York, we can’t keep our eyes open. Is that bed going to feel good tonight?  Today has been about planes, trains, automobiles and fantastic music.

Oh btw, we didn’t get sleep the night before leaving because the Olympic opening was on plus I had taped a show about the Frick museum I wanted my friend Kelly to see since that was on our New York agenda.  We had an early bus but all in all I think we did alright.

New York Highlights:

  • I’m in love with a market. Agata & Valentina, go see for yourself
  • The Frick museum. I give thanks to this man for opening his home and sharing his treasure. The painting of Sir Thomas More is my favorite. Fascinating man in his own right till Henry the VIII had him executed. Sharing the same wall with him. Thomas Cromwell a man I’m not fond of in history. He was whacked too later. What comes around goes around. I think the painting makes him look like a squinty eyed weasel. Fair depiction I say. (see the Tudors if you like your history with some fine actors, drama and dresses to die for) On Sundays at the Frick , it’s pay what you want till 1 p.m.
  • Having a Corona viewing the New York skyline just when the lights are starting to twinkle on
  • Katz deli and I’ll have what he’s having. This is restaurant where Meg Ryan did her bit mimicking the throes of fake passion and the lady says, “I’ll have what she’s having” I was dying to say it to the waitress. Oh you cannot do that, it’s so damn corny I thought. A man gets served at a table in front of me. It’s probably the most beautiful Reuben I’ve ever seen. Waitress comes to our table next, are you ready to order? “Yes,” I say and “what is that sandwich he has?” Is it a Reuben? Yes she answers, BEAMING I say, I’ll have what he’s having! It was my crowning moment. LOLLLLLLL
  • The tenement museum. It’s a little pricey because you pay per tour. Since we’re going to Ireland we picked the Irish tour. It was very good. I don’t think I would have wanted to be an immigrant in the 1800’s. It’s a very hard life. The generations that came later ought to thank their lucky stars that these people persevered and give thanks.

Heard in New York in a NY accent.  (always a treat)

  • while asking a bus driver what bus I needed he shouts out with enthusiasm “there go your bus” pointing down the street.”
  • In Chinatown, a lady is impatient waiting to get into the backroom for the fake goods. She’s been waiting 20 minutes. She leaves goes into the next shop where we were too! She tells the heavily NY accented shopkeeper that’s she’s miffed she stood over there 20 minutes waiting for her turn. His reply “whadaya think you’re a princess? Should get right in?
  • Construction workers with steel or iron bar looking things. Big guy shouts out to the others down the street a bit as me and Kelly are approaching, DOUBLE BABES COMING YOUR WAY! The others who have been alerted all kind of nod their heads when we get to them saying how u doin? have a nice day ladies?  Kelly and I were so proud we were called double babes. At our age, it was our Miss America moment walking across the stage!
  • A bum asking us if we were having trouble outside Penn station with another bum who was mad we wouldn’t give him a cigarette.  He says, he gives you trouble let me know, this is my block!
  • A well-dressed guy pleading for money to get a ticket for the train.  I have $2 dollars which he shows me in his hand, he  only needs $5 more.  The sucker that I am gives him $5.  A Chinese man comes up to me after and says he’s a liar he does this stint every day.  Walks off miffed.
  • A lady cussing us all out in a subway car in another language.

Saw in NY

  • On the subway, a guy dressed like a woman, do let me describe…………..Flaring short black skirt, black fish net stocking on one leg, a hairy manly leg on the other, heels, black hat, glasses, sexy top holding a beautiful broccoli salad.  Apparently he’s dressed for a garden party.
  • The Imagine mosaic  while having a hotdog breakfast at Strawberry Fields.  Two girls approach, cute girls, one wearing short shorts, she proceeds to sit on the mosaic legs spread from here to Ethiopia, right above the word Imagine.   Onlookers are  British tourists, (couples) eyes are big as saucers trying not to laugh.  “Imagine” one says, “I don’t have to imagine anything we’ve seen it all”  and we did.
  • Celebrity Jon Cryer walking down the street (Two and a half Men)

Things that fill you with such pride, make your heart hurt and tears well in your eyes.

Hallowed ground the 9/11 memorial

I applied online to receive a ticket for the memorial.  You cannot attend without one.  Each person visits with their own feelings and emotions so this is just from my own personal perspective.    This memorial is not complete but is open to visitors.

For me, if the memorial was only the North and South Pool with the names it could be enough.  The cascading waterfalls stir a feeling of peace in me.  The names stir a feeling of sadness.  These names are people just like you and me.  Innocent people.  The sound of the construction equipment stirs a feeling of pride and of spirit.  We are going to be stronger than before, we are America. The Freedom Tower is going to be 1776 feet and the tallest building in the US. Bigger and better and I feel tremendously proud of this.  There are more plans for the memorial which will include a museum, 400 trees will be planted, a Memorial Glade for gatherings and ceremonies and a train station.  It’s going to be a beautiful place to honor the victims of terrorism.  Bring sunglasses you are going to need them.

I love NY!

  1. Useful links and tips:

    where to get your ticket to the 9/11 memorial: http://www.911memorial.org/

    Katz deli – http://katzsdelicatessen.com/

    The Tenement museum – http://www.tenement.org/

    Glen Burtnik – http://www.glenburtnik.com/?reload

    The Frick Museum – http://www.frick.org/

    buy the Metro card and put $20 on it, the buses were not taking dollars and coins were hard to find, this is good for the subway as well, you can refill it

    buy market food and eat in the park

    buy beer from the grocery or liquor store, it’s a lot cheaper

    Gray’s Papaya – recession special (2 hotdogs and a drink for $5) cash only, you won’t go hungry

    keep your sense of humor and enjoy New York!

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like you had a great time and got a lot done in a short period of time! I’m going up next weekend. Saturday going to see my friend’s husband’s play off, off, bway LOL! Before the play I’m going to Chinatown shopping and go to the Italian/American Museum. Then I’ll meet them in Little Italy for dinner before the play. On Sunday I’m going to Central Park and then meeting Max to go to the Frick (also going at 11)! How much did you “donate?” Almost same itinerary LOL!!!

  2. moliver2645 says:

    Excellent report. Love the New York Accent ha ha ha. “whata ya think you a princess, you should get in right away”
    ….too funny

  3. It was so nice seeing you again and I am so glad you had a good time. I wish you and kelly lived closer.

  4. we did! you have to teach me how to shop & negotiate in Chinatown, never knew there was an Italian/American museum? can u give me info, does the NY list ever end? I donated $5

  5. Max I love the NY accent ! Barb you’ll be down our neck of the woods too!

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