our Highlights included……

The Tower of London along with the key ceremony at night.

This you must apply in advance to receive the tickets.  It is free and for us a very unique evening.   The Countess of Chris arranged these tickets to be mailed to her for the ceremony.  She lives in the UK.  On my tower visit during the day, I was up for consideration to be a mistress to Lord Omelette.  He eyed me cautiously wearing his cloak and wig and told me he was seriously considering it but alas by days end, he chose another.  I believe he knew I was to be Mrs. Omelette or nothing.  Sighhh but at least I left with my head!    Jokes aside that tower is fantastic, it’s got it all, history, intrigue, architecture and some ghosts.  I didn’t get to see one though but at least they did have a tv screen that showed you if you were to be a ghost, what you would look like.

Buckingham Palace – this is wear I bought my crown.  Later I make my grand entrance wearing it while attending a high tea  in Chester.  Julie from Liverpool was my lady in waiting and attended me for the event.  She wore a lovely tiara.

(we love to have our silly fun while traveling)  keeps smiles on our faces I think?

Windsor Castle – in a word “stunning”  but the line to get in with a handful of ticket attendants was some kind of crowd control torture I believe.  Get a ticket in advance!  No matter, it was worth the very lengthy wait though I may still send the Queen a strongly worded letter regarding this matter.   🙂

Hampton Court and swishing

For one solid year, we girls daydreamed of swishing thru Hampton Court in our swish gowns.   Heartbreaking weight restrictions on the flight over made it impossible for us to bring swish gowns.  Henry saved the day by offering us free velvet cloaks at the entrance and therefore we did get to swish about freely thru Hampton Court.   Absolutely a day trip to remember.  I love Hampton Court.

What can you say about London that hasn’t already been said?    It is fantastic !!!

I was very happy to be able to visit in May and then again in September and like the energizer bunny, you could keep going and going and going……..so could Lord Omelette….. (kidding)


Countess Chris – from South end on sea ( I think you say it like that )

Lady in waiting – Julie from near Liverpool

the Duke of Earl’s mistress la Ellen – who resides in NY when she’s not with the duke

my fair lady Kathleen from Ireland

my fair lady’s friend Karen – from the UK

Patrician Pat from Miami

Chamber Maid Kelly from merry Maryland

Thank you ladies for a wonderful trip!

Later I will tell you the tales of our adventures thru Chester, Liverpool, Dublin and Galway.  (stay tuned)

Love Lady J from Baltimore

for your viewing pleasure, the slide show (or click thru fast)

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