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I’ve mentioned we love Liverpool.

One thing I really love is that they love us!  I enjoy all that lovey talk.  The locals often start or finish their sentence with okay my love, yes my love, cheers my love, here love, there love, lovie and on.  It is so so cute and I hope they never stop the love.  We so enjoyed this along with the Liverpool accent.  Now regarding the accent I am here to tell you at times even a lot of times it can be hard to understand.  You find yourself just staring which one time got us a reply of  “why’s your friend looking at me like I’m speaking Spanish?  well uh…. it could be ?  I don’t know?

Would I change it ? Nope not one word or lost in translation moment.   A fellow working at our hotel is a good example.  I have an interaction with I believe Matthew.  Matthew I say, I can’t understand what you said?  How come I understood the Beatles but can’t understand you?  Well he explains I’ll tell you lovey — very slowly.   Those beatles, well when they get on tv or in front of a mic, they start talking “posh”  now when they are speaking to their mates, they never talk posh like that and I’m shocked you don’t understand me because I’ve been talking very posh to you also and if you heard me talking to my mates, well……you wouldn’t understand us either.   I know I’m talking posh loves because my dad just called a bit ago and I answered the phone and dad says Matthew is that you? Yes Dad, why you talking so funny Matthew?  I have to Dad, I’ve got to answer the phone in a posh voice at work.  It’s the rule.   So you can ask my dad, he says to us , I’ve been talking posh to you he says eyes blinking with an adorable face.   Yes you have Matthew we smile back.

Our Day One – arrive by train , our journey from the US has started in London and Chris has secured train tickets for us and it’s an easy breezy ride to Liverpool.  Chris is staying by the docks, we are staying near the train station and Ellen has a hotel near us and the train station too.  Les who you met earlier in the trip report has driven on the wrong side all the way to Liverpool.  First thing on the agenda, the magical mystery tour.  Les described it best tho so if you didn’t read it, take a look at his report.

I enjoyed this tremendously and if you can imagine you can feel an “air” a “feeling” a “than” moment about something.  A moment when you are visiting something important to you and an era you didn’t belong too  but you love –  I had this feeling standing more in the front of  the Strawberry Fields gate more than any place on this tour.    The way the trees whispered?  the wind?  I don’t know what or why but that was my spot.  My Beatles moment.

My second beatles moment was during the Fab 4 exhibit.  You wander into the white room, see the white piano, see John’s photo, hear him and read his words.    It’s not a lot going on but what is……. is very powerful, sad, beautiful — gosh lots of things at once rapidly.  It made me bolt backwards.

(I will be back in a bit with more)  promise….I have a repairman issue going on

ok back like greased lightning!   To add a bit more about the exhibit I was moved with Elvis being there.  I’ve yet to get to Graceland why that is I have no idea I suppose because I have not made it happen but I made a decision in Liverpool I am going to Graceland.   This week I booked my trip to Memphis in the spring.   For me, it’s important just like Liverpool so I’ve got lovey Liverpool to thank for that push in life.  That night in all it’s pageantry was the Cavern Club, the Cavern pub and the Grapes.  I’m not a real bar person anymore because 11 pm is too inviting for bedtime it seems but once in a while I’ll make a spontaneous night of it and what a better place?  Like Les said, I did meets lots of people all thru the night, some local some visitors as well.  Some I didn’t understand either so I’d just nod, smile and say nice to meet you.   Did get Liverpool scoop I didn’t know, one being that Ringo wasn’t good to Liverpool which surprised me.   A fellow told me he dissed Liverpool and I am thinking maybe it’s a memory thing, something not pleasant he doesn’t want to revisit.  I don’t think it’s Liverpool necessarily but that’s pure speculation on my part.  Another told me Paul is good to Liverpool but you better not make one dollar (or pound) off him that he doesn’t control and mostly that’s for charity so I suppose that can’t be a bad thing?  George everyone loved, not one word. Same with John and someone said his sister is half owner of the Cavern Club.  Hope that’s true I like the idea of that.   I like that when you are visiting here you see the songs coming alive.  There is a Penny Lane, there is a strawberry field.  How did they see that and make such good songs out of it ?  I can’t do that so I guess that’s why I’m working in accounting and they are the Beatles.  That talent is pure fascination for me.  Les is right, he did get sick but I suspect from food and not the beer.  We didn’t really drink that much to cause such an illness.  He was green around the gills.

Liverpool is having its rain on, lots of it and soon we’re to be in Chester and I’ve been looking forward to the Old Warm Charm of it and I can honestly say no one tried better to get there but me.  I got on a train, off a train with notice we don’t know when we can go, I got back on a train, all while not moving anywhere, just sitting, I walked to a bus they said wouldn’t come, floods and people on boats, good golly you have to be kidding me?  Can I go to the left? right?  under?  Nope, no Chester for you.   back on a train….. The hotel is great about getting us a room and helping with cancelling the hotel in Chester.  Julie’s there with her friends waiting for us.  (in Chester)   I’m not a fan of rain but Liverpool looked so sparkling and pretty at night in the rain.  I can definitely come back to Liverpool.   I forgot to tell you about the exchanges with the little boys (one who was smoking) and I told him off about that but anyway…..they were cute, so cute, I could picture their little faces up on a movie screen with the film just on their faces fast stepping, walking and talking beside me :

them:  Where you from?

me:  “America”

them:  where at ?

me:  near Washington DC

them:  you like it ?

me:  sure !

them:  you like Liverpool?

me: yes very much, it’s a cool city

them:  ever been to New York?   We want to go to America.

me : yes and one ahead in the group lives in New York and one used to live in New York

them:  where at in New York?  ever been to Brooklyn?

me:   yes and one of the ladies I told you about is from Brooklyn

them:  REALLY ?  BROOKLYN?  who, which one?

me:  Pat I believe up ahead.   Pat I yell but she’s not in front, she must be behind me and didn’t answer.  They all chime in at the same time PaTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!   with a big accent on the t’s,  she answers from behind and they run over with the biggest curiosity in the world, is it rough Patttttt?  did you see guns????     did you see…..  I can’t hear all of what they were asking, Pat can tell you about that but I tell you that these little boys, kinda rough around the edges, were priceless with innocence and complete mischief wrapped all in one!  I can still hear them now : PaTTTTTTTT !  and that long T sound

The story continues with guest writer Les.  See next link !

  1. can everyone see the photos? I do but someone said they were not showing up?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those kids were something else. So cute how they pronounced rough as “roof” “is it roof there in Brooklyn?” “Does anyone get killed?” I told them about the Mafia LOL!!!

  3. lol now I remember roof ! ok I wrote to word press to see why the photos are not showing up

  4. kaufmans123 says:

    Photos fine here Jeannette….

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