I really enjoyed this tour. We went on the Connemare/Cong outing. The guide was funny and informative. I can’t tell you how the sight of Kylemore Abbey just stuns you. Incredibly beautiful. Our driver knew the roadside sheep as well and stops and waits patiently for them to cross the roads. There are many beautiful sights to behold on this tour. The day just goes too fast.


their website:  http://www.galwaytourcompany.com/gtc/daytours.jsp


our photos:


irelandengland2012 845 irelandengland2012 848 irelandengland2012 849 irelandengland2012 857 irelandengland2012 901 irelandengland2012 907 irelandengland2012 910 irelandengland2012 911 irelandengland2012 915 irelandengland2012 916 irelandengland2012 920 irelandengland2012 921 irelandengland2012 922 irelandengland2012 927

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