Hawaii Trip Report 2013 * Aloha :)

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Travel

Oahu, Kauai, & Maui

Oahu segment:

Just what the doctor ordered, Hawaii. But he didn’t order it I did it with miles and after much stress at work which started affecting my health I arrived limping. Not really limping as in leg injury but in mind and spirit. Can you fix me Hawaii? The answer….yes we can and Hawaii does. When you start feeling a bit too warm she gives you a breeze, too dry a rain shower than sun. When you need a sign you get a rainbow.

hawaiidisk22013 224

I arrive late at around 7 pm and upon arrival I was immediately lei’d. Aha you are thinking dirty huh? I hear my name being called and two men are standing there smiling big. My flowers are placed around my neck and I am beaming. My God I am in Hawaii. My friend Shari arranged this as a welcome present. Thank you sweet Shari! I find my way to the shuttle with the help of the men who lei’d me (ha ha) and arrive to the hotel called Polynesian Plaza. Kelly my friend is already there because she arrived around 2 pm. We had different flights. I flew out of Dulles her BWI. I would have preferred BWI but I was flying on miles and airport choice wasn’t an option for $10. Yep $10!!! She’s dead to the world, had walked a bit and got fast food Chinese. I unpack a bit since I always want my room to feel like home. This room is a little noisy facing the street but we have a balcony. I’ll have an interesting view from that balcony in a few hours. I change into what will become my “Waikiki dress” and go walking to find a fish taco. I’m making my way to the sea but don’t realize it. I walk thru a hotel with shops and find a restaurant. It’s after 9:30 so I have to order from the late night menu. Karaoke is started so I’m seated waiting for my order. A cute six year old gets up and sings a song by Pink. The whole placed thundered applause for this little one when she was finished. Order is up and I head back with my sliders. Best sliders I ever had while staring. I also got a beer at a gift shop and have that with my first aloha meal. Out on the balcony, for a cigarette I am looking at the torches lit near the fancy shops. I notice a person in white and I think a white towel sitting directly across the street on the wall of the shops. It runs thru the shrub and to a van and talks to someone than runs back and sits. If my mind isn’t deceiving me it looks like he or she is wearing underpants? Strange I think to myself while sleep calls me to the bed. I wake early and so does Kelly like while it is dark. We decide to get to the beach and see the sun come up since we will probably never be up that early the rest of trip so off we go! Funny we thought we were the only ones who had that idea but alas we were not alone. No matter it was exciting and I see my first glimpse of Diamond Head. We had taken our flowers down with us as well. My camera, crappy at night did some okay shots and Waikiki just glows far better than any photo could illustrate. At this point, the song “You ain’t seen nothing yet” should be playing by the sea because that is truly how it is in Hawaii.

Moon over Waikiki

Moon over Waikiki

hawaii2013 343

hawaii2013 345

hawaii2013 346

hawaii2013 350

hawaii2013 351

hawaii2013 352

hawaii2013 356

Off to breakfast around the corner. Eggs ‘N Things. Oh yummy and a waitress full of spunk. After placing our order, she tells us what we should be ordering and splitting. We take her advise and thank heavens we did but she was dead on and it was delicious. I had an omelet, pancakes with coconut syrup and more. As we are having a breakfast a shower begins. Uh-oh are we going to have a rainy day? Nope because it’s a short shower, followed by blue sky than if you are still feeling slightly nervous well you get a rainbow and we did! I now know I’m going to love this place because rainbows don’t lie.

It’s all about the beach today and Kelly is having trouble with her chair. She’s plunked down on kind of a sand hill. After multiple attempts to get situated Waikiki hands us a water raft. Yes an abandoned pink raft became part of the ensemble to the beach each day. Kelly floated on it and I wanted to but was too scared. See I can’t swim and have had visions of a rogue wave I’ve named “Hawaii Five O” sweeping me out to sea or trapping me in the curl of it. “Come on” she says, nope I answer “H five O is out there,” I ‘m content sitting on the edge of the water. We are whiter than ghosts but happily so are lots of others. Since we dont’ want to peel the skin off our bodies that night we spray the sun block faithfully. I get a little braver and go into the water declaring I’m not going past here. Kelly says she’ll save me and I told her no you won’t, lol ! Those who travel with me or have read my stories know when there is the least bit of trouble Kelly runs like the wind. Save me indeed!!!

After a good beach day, we decide to walk to find dinner. We find Duke’s Waikiki. It’s a lively place on the beach and I order my first fish tacos. Fish tacos to die for really. They were heaven. We had a big table and a couple from Canada joined us since there wasn’t an available table so we offered ours. What a lively couple and we really enjoyed the company and conversation which led to our upcoming Germany trip. They have been several times and just completed one that included spas. We were laughing our heads off when she explained the method. Well here in North America, I believe we are kind of modest and I know Europeans are a bit more out there with the nudity so I ask do you have to lay there naked as a Jay bird? No she says you do get a sheet on but….there was a point when the lady finished with one side, flicked that sheet off her with a crack and told her “turn over” than comes the matter of an apparatus that looks like an oxygen mask with tubes and she is thinking she is getting some good air for the face and the lady proceeds to apply them on her how to say “rose buds” and exclaims to her this will make them perky!!! We were roaring and now very mentally prepared for our German spa if we partake of one on our visit! Perky-licious indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

After the great dinner and company, we head to the Shorebird bar where I had the take out during karaoke. Karaoke is on again this night. Seated at the bar we meet a man who’s in the service named Garrett. He’s living in Hawaii now and won’t tell us nothing about his job. Of course that makes you want to know everything all the more. Okay Mr. NSA I say to him and he laughs telling me I’m going to read all your emails and text messages. He’s good company except for his last comment which we felt insulted me and Kelly in one swift blow while sending Kelly off to Spinster land forever. More on that in a bit. While out smoking on the beach I see a big big black man with all kind of diamonds and gold and I swear he looks like Barry White. I love Barry White and have been to his concert. What luck, this fellow is singing Barry White tonight. I ask please sing Can’t get enough of your love, Babe! He says he will and is going to dedicate it to me “Jeannette from Baltimore” !!! Woo hoo I run back to the bar and tell Kelly & Garrett Barry’s going to sing a song dedicated to me. Gosh it took awhile before it was his turn but finally is number was called and he starts singing JUST LIKE BARRY!!! Full of joy and a couple of Mai Tia’s I jumped on that dance floor and danced to his song and I must say we got a nice loud applause when we finished plus I got my dedication! Rock on Barry!

Garrett also known as Mr. NSA who tells you nothing but wants to know everything about us till he gets into your emails the next day knows I am a happy single woman and don’t ever want to change it, that Kelly is a happy single woman who is open to changing it if Mr. Right comes along. While Kelly is in the bathroom he says, you’re getting married long before she ever will remember I said it. My face drops and I told him no way I’ll be the happy single girl at her wedding so HA ! Tomorrow’s plan is to visit the North Shore by bus and we have a sunset cruise for Kelly’s birthday. Garrett offers to take us and gives us his number. Don’t take the bus he says. Well we didn’t listen. Kelly whose new name for the trip is going to be “the spinster” and I happily board the bus thinking this will be nice to do before the sunset cruise.

Those of you who are familiar with Henry the VIII and the Tudor’s series can’t forget how Henry did not like Anne of Cleve’s and remarked she has “evil smells.” Me and Kelly often ponder, did she have a bad smell, bad perfume or was Henry just saying that? We will never know but we did adopt Cleves as a code word for something stinks. I get on this bus walking toward the back get hit with the evil smells and nearly run right back off the bus. It’s moving and I’m trapped. This fellow looking quite dirty has obviously peed his pants at some point. A fellow behind him has a wash cloth right over his nose. I sure wish I had a wash cloth myself. Eyes watering I’m looking at Kelly mouthing Cleves Cleves!!! Luckily for her, her nose was not working that day. He gets off finally shew I can breathe again!

The bus is bumpy. We get an assortment of characters. Some that stick out in my mind is a lady and a wheel chair. What i saw was a woman, the chair and shopping bags. The bus driver got the chair on, locked it in place, she sat down, arranged her packages. We kind of thought that was odd. Walking, packages but who’s to say. Maybe she could not stand for long or something? Not our business, we’re just observers. Another loud laughing person gets on who I do not know if it is a man or a woman with no teeth. Quite a character and quite loud with a lady next to her. Oh shoot this reminds me I did not finish about the person on the white towel across from our hotel. That morning before the sunrise I go out to smoke and that person is still there in a kind of tank top and mens underpants. I swear he or she saw me come out since we are directly across from each other. He/she jumps up runs toward the street shrubbery, turns the back to me, stoops down and shows me the moon. Runs back and sits on the towel. I saw a man walk by she proceeded to put her hand up on her head like a movie star pose and I believe he said no thank you. So this must be a woman I think? Poor thing, I felt bad for her. Okay so back to the bus.

Finally we arrive at Giovanni’s Shrimp truck which I had been eagerly waiting for during the ride. There is quite a line and the smells are heavenly! We got the shrimp scampi, rice and macaroni salad and it’s quite delicious. A beer with it would have been the icing on the cake. We mosey around and see the other roadside shops with it and it was nice, really nice. After a spell, we go back to the bus stop and wait for the bus. It takes a long long time. I plug in our location and find we’ve got two hours or more on the ride back. We are not going to make the sunset cruise which is Kelly’s birthday present. Oh crap mind as well see the rest of the North Shore than right? We go to Turtle Bay resort and lay out in the sun for a while and I roam around taking pictures. I didn’t go in the water but went searching for turtles but I didn’t see any. I should have went in but the fear of the rogue wave H five O was looming in my head. We decide to leave and head back. While just leaving the resort area we see the bus which is quite a distance from us, I yell run Kelly and we take off like a bat out of hell waving our arms wildly in the air. By the time we got to the bus stop we are panting and sweating. The bus driver comes out of the bus and says relax girls, I’m taking a small break. We collapse on the bench.

We board with finally a steady breath and have a seat. More characters and with each and every one of them I whisper to Kelly “Happy Birthday” since this is going to be her present not the sunset cruise. We get laughing so hard we cannot stop and have tears running down our faces.

My take on the bus, go early if you must, know it’s a very long ride but if you don’t want to rent a car you can do it, the views are fantastic and well some of the weirdos well that is kind of entertainment in itself, no worry there are lots of normal people on there too! Maybe it was an odd day when we boarded?

Scenes from the day:

hawaii2013 407

hawaii2013 411

hawaii2013 414

hawaii2013 415

hawaii2013 418

hawaii2013 420

hawaii2013 422

hawaii2013 426

Oh and the last happy birthday Kelly got that day was when we arrived at the mall where we transfer buses. Kelly is eating fast food in the fast food court and I can’t resist one last “Happy Birthday”, you ***** she says! Fast food wasn’t in the plan.

Next day is beach day and we decide to move up the beach at Fort DeRussy to the flat area so Kelly won’t fight with her chair. It’s nice here and you can get snacks from the beach bar plus they have a clean bathroom. A fellow comes along and sits near us. Come to find out he is an airline pilot for Fiji airlines. He asks us to watch his stuff while he tries to snorkel. Some crew members the week before had their cellphone and tablet stolen from the beach. I told him about me not ever snorkeling before but I’m going to try my hand at it at Hanauma Bay Nature preserve since my only practice has been one time in my friends pool. He told me lots of coral is dead in Fiji, can’t see one blessed fish, not one! He likes the idea of the preserve and asks me for the information on it so I write it down for him. He was a nice pleasant fellow. This day I get an interesting suntan. I had been standing in the water for a bit past my knee. With an old tan mark I somehow came up with prison stripes. Not kidding, three different lines on my thigh one being very red. Nice, real nice!

Waikiki is busy but it’s still so darn pretty for a city. Scenes from the day:

hawaii2013 462

hawaii2013 463

hawaii2013 464

hawaii2013 465

hawaii2013 466

hawaii2013 467

hawaii2013 469

hawaii2013 470

hawaii2013 473

Tonight for dinner we decide on Lulu’s grill and it was a great choice. I had two different fish and both were fantastic. A ritual starts, have a great meal fall into bed exhausted, like 930 or 1030 pm!!! The old girls ain’t what they used to be plus Kelly being a spinster and all. We need our rest, lol.


Snorkeling is work.

We have our Hanauma Bay day and I think it’s pretty here. First I wasn’t prepared to fight the good fight with the mask, the noodle (I call it) the fins filling with sand, trying to walk, trying to get up after falling, the life vest riding up my chest blocking my view and a strong current. Good God this is work! Mask on, mask off, hair being pulled, fog, no fog, wipe spit on it, clean fin, walk backwards, get more sand, meanwhile not seeing one darn fish. I finally get a rhythm. I float my way sort of near coral with a fear what if I feel I have to stand suddenly. How am I to avoid stepping on coral? I decide I won’t float over coral, I’ll float near coral, like right at the edge of it. Low and behold it worked!!! I saw such pretty fish, all colors, large, small I was in my glory. I snorkeled right up on an elderly gentleman’s Speedo. Yep, did that by current accident! Later sitting there with Kelly on the beach I see him coming off the beach. I told Kelly see that elderly man with the speedo? I snorkeled that speedo. LOL

Dinner PF Chang’s, bedtime after thinking about my snorkeling. Fish are damn pretty. Kelly found a glass submarine for me I can snorkel in and just sit and see the fish. Hmmm I might like that!

hawaii2013 509

hawaii2013 510

hawaii2013 512

hawaii2013 513

hawaii2013 514

hawaii2013 517

hawaii2013 520

hawaii2013 529

Each morning I go down to the beach and have the coconut cream coffee and smoke cigarettes and make sure I take my cigarette butts back with me. I take pictures and it’s funny the same spot looks different each day. One of these mornings, I somehow start talking to this man. Friendly morning talk kind of thing. He’s older than me by a few years. He looks at the photos I take and tells me you should walk out on the seawall and take photos from there you get a much better angle. I told him no I can’t swim, I’m scared the H Five O rogue wave will get me off the seawall he laughs and says, look I don’t mind to go out there with you. I’m not trying to hit on you or anything my wife is right there in the room and points to his place but you could get some real nice shots. I’ll be right there with you. I think about it and say okay. I inch out a few paces, stop snap and I guess get about 1/2 down but a wave does lap over the wall a bit so I tell my helper um this is far as I can go. We make our way back. He was a nice man, we chat some more than both go about our day. We do meet later again, kinda.

Today is history day, we are going to Pearl Harbor. We got a late start and got real worried about the bus making it on time and missing our time slot. Luckily that did not happen but rain did off and on but no matter this place is important for me and very moving. I had to lock up my stuff with the desk so I forgot my kleenex and sunglasses which I knew I would need because I’m emotional about such places and I knew this was going to be like when I visited Normandy. Kleenex is necessary and the sunglasses for the big sob when it comes over me. I like privacy with my tears. No such luck. I do the best I can with rapid blinks, stare at something, good golly nothing works and this is just during the film!!! Oh well.

It’s our turn for the boat and the military man says well do you want the good news first or the bad news? Bad news I’m thinking, please don’t tell me you closed the memorial when I’ve come so far? The bad news was the boat before us broke, the good news they were sending another one.

We get there and disembark and I have to tell you I think this memorial is brilliantly done. It’s quiet and very moving. To think of the loss of life, sacrifice and suffering, it puts it in perspective, don’t take your freedom for granted. Not ever. People have suffered to give you that and I try to silently thank as many names on the wall as I possibly can before the attendant says we are going back. There are recent additions from survivors who wanted to be placed on the Arizona upon their passing. It’s a beautiful sad place here but full of honor. We head back to explore the exhibitions.

scenes from the day:

hawaii2013 613

hawaii2013 617

hawaii2013 618

hawaii2013 620

hawaii2013 621

hawaii2013 622

hawaii2013 624

hawaii2013 625

hawaii2013 626

hawaii2013 630

hawaii2013 631

hawaii2013 634

hawaii2013 644

It’s our last night in Ouha and we are walking down the boulevard trying to figure where to eat this evening. We stopped to watch a hula show a square was showing than go down a hall lined with shops and suddenly I see the man who walked me to the sea wall. I tell Kelly that’s the man who helped me and I was going to say hello. I stop briefly but they are having some kind of discussion and I hear (Kelly heard more before me) YOU TALKED TO HER? YOU TALKED TO HER? I hear him say something like she was very natural. Nice and natural. She’s than exclaiming, NATURAL, NATURAL???

I am starting to whisper to Kelly oh my gosh he must of been trying to talk to some woman. Kelly is looking at me with huge eyes and an expression and kind of grabs my elbow and leads me away from them. Did you hear them fighting Kelly? I was going to say hi. Kelly says “oh my GOD they are fighting about YOU!!!!! What? I say, COMPLETELY floored!!! She says I picked up on it before you did and that’s why I tried to pull you before you went up to them and that woman beat your *ss MISS NATURAL. Well she’s got it all wrong I say, he was a nice man, a gentleman, not that way at ALL. Well maybe he was late coming back? Something. She says, you won’t see him tomorrow with coffee on the beach that’s for sure and I didn’t.

Mornings and random photos:

hawaii2013 371

hawaii2013 372 - Copy

hawaii2013 382

hawaii2013 384

hawaii2013 386

hawaii2013 387

hawaii2013 388

hawaii2013 389

hawaii2013 390

hawaii2013 391

hawaii2013 392

hawaii2013 393

hawaii2013 403

hawaii2013 405

More random shots (hopefully not doubles):

hawaii2013 662

hawaii2013 676

hawaii2013 677

hawaii2013 678

hawaii2013 680

hawaii2013 681

hawaii2013 684

hawaii2013 685

hawaii2013 686

hawaii2013 687

hawaii2013 688

hawaii2013 689

hawaii2013 690

hawaii2013 691

hawaii2013 692

hawaii2013 694

hawaii2013 695

hawaii2013 696

hawaii2013 698

hawaii2013 352

hawaii2013 357

hawaii2013 368

hawaii2013 369

hawaii2013 370

hawaii2013 382

hawaii2013 383

hawaii2013 386

hawaii2013 401 - Copy

hawaii2013 403

hawaii2013 458

hawaii2013 488

hawaii2013 489

hawaii2013 498

hawaii2013 503

hawaii2013 505 - Copy

hawaii2013 505

hawaii2013 506 - Copy

hawaii2013 507

hawaii2013 508 - Copy

hawaii2013 531

hawaii2013 533

hawaii2013 539

hawaii2013 540

hawaii2013 544

hawaii2013 545

hawaii2013 547

hawaii2013 548

hawaii2013 549

hawaii2013 553

hawaii2013 557

hawaii2013 560

hawaii2013 562

hawaii2013 563

hawaii2013 564

hawaii2013 566

hawaii2013 571

hawaii2013 572

hawaii2013 573

hawaii2013 574

hawaii2013 575

hawaii2013 576

hawaii2013 589

hawaii2013 590

hawaii2013 652

hawaii2013 688

hawaii2013 689

hawaii2013 690

Next we are off to Kaui which is kind of the thing that inspired me to do this trip. I watched a show and Kaui was featured and I was intrigued.

Kaui is beautiful. More beautiful than I even thought possible.

We arrive and get our rental car and I am a nervous nelly driving in new places but I did do okay. We are staying on the North Shore at the Hanalei Bay Resort. I booked it thru Hotels.com but had been warned we may not get a good unit. Rentals from the private owners are better. Luckily we had no problems and really loved the room and location of our place. The view out to the lanai each day is stunning. The rooster who wakes you up well I love him. I love every one of those chickens. I bet I talked to everyone of them as well! We settle in and jump into the car to find some dinner. We head into town and eat at Bouchons with a lovely view. I ordered the fish tacos and Kelly fish and chips. The food was really nice! The taco were spicy. It takes a lot to make my eyes water and they surely did but I loved every bite. After dinner we are in search of a sunset, we decide on tunnels beach. While hanging out there we meet a couple who suggests we hurry and jump in the car, five minutes down the road to Ke’e Beach for the sunset. Excellent suggestion and it was brilliant. I will let the photographs speak for themselves. (oh and we got a double-rainbow) ๐Ÿ™‚

hawaii2013 707

hawaii2013 709

hawaii2013 710

hawaii2013 712

hawaii2013 713

hawaii2013 714

hawaii2013 717

hawaii2013 718

hawaii2013 719

hawaii2013 721

hawaii2013 722

hawaii2013 755

hawaii2013 756

hawaii2013 758

hawaii2013 759

hawaii2013 762

hawaii2013 771

hawaii2013 772

hawaii2013 773

hawaii2013 774

hawaii2013 775

hawaii2013 776

hawaii2013 777

hawaii2013 780

hawaii2013 781

hawaii2013 782

hawaii2013 783

hawaii2013 784

hawaii2013 785

hawaii2013 786

hawaii2013 787

hawaii2013 788

hawaii2013 790

hawaii2013 793

hawaii2013 794

hawaii2013 796

hawaii2013 797

hawaii2013 799

hawaii2013 800

hawaii2013 801

hawaii2013 802

hawaii2013 803

hawaii2013 804

hawaii2013 813

hawaii2013 816

hawaii2013 818

Kaui is how gorgeous is done. It is the Hawaii I always dreamed of and more. It is less populated, it’s quiet and we did not have nearly enough time here but what time we did have was amazing start to finish. I didn’t know what I would love when planning this trip. Which island? This trip was my first and a sampler so I have no complaints.

Our second day is rainy off and on so we mainly stick around town. hawaii2013 820

hawaii2013 822

hawaii2013 824

hawaii2013 825

hawaii2013 826

hawaiidisk22013 003

hawaiidisk22013 004

hawaiidisk22013 006

hawaiidisk22013 007

hawaiidisk22013 008

hawaiidisk22013 009

hawaiidisk22013 010

hawaiidisk22013 011

hawaiidisk22013 013

hawaiidisk22013 014

hawaiidisk22013 015

hawaiidisk22013 018

hawaiidisk22013 019

hawaiidisk22013 026

hawaiidisk22013 027

hawaiidisk22013 032

hawaiidisk22013 033

hawaiidisk22013 034

hawaiidisk22013 035

hawaiidisk22013 037

hawaiidisk22013 038

hawaiidisk22013 039

hawaiidisk22013 040

hawaiidisk22013 041

hawaiidisk22013 042

hawaiidisk22013 043

hawaiidisk22013 044

hawaiidisk22013 048

hawaiidisk22013 049

hawaiidisk22013 050

hawaiidisk22013 054

hawaiidisk22013 060

hawaiidisk22013 063

hawaiidisk22013 064

hawaiidisk22013 067

hawaiidisk22013 068

hawaiidisk22013 071

hawaiidisk22013 073

hawaiidisk22013 075

hawaiidisk22013 076

hawaiidisk22013 077

hawaiidisk22013 078

hawaiidisk22013 079

hawaiidisk22013 080

hawaiidisk22013 081

hawaiidisk22013 082

hawaiidisk22013 085

hawaiidisk22013 088

We begin with breakfast at Kalypso’s. Absolutely terrific and we didn’t order breakfast. The rain started up with a bit of wind so they lowered the shades so we wouldn’t be pelted. We had a visitor at our table. I think it was a tiny lizard? I’m not sure exactly what it was but it was a tiny thing and could jump. The table next to us took an interest in it as well and the girl put her finger out and got him! Later he jumped to the floor and we were scared because he was getting to near the bottom of someone’s shoe. Didn’t think you had to be careful stepping around in Kauai? We roam around to the shops and eventually make our way to Hanalei Bay. The sun came out for 25 minutes. We know that because a very nice lady came by with a dog and said well, I think you have 1/2 hour before it starts again. She was close! We ran to the pier because that had shelter and guess what I saw a turtle! We spent some time here out of the rain but enjoying the scenery. For dinner, it was pizza in the room.


In the morning, I went for a walk to take pictures. It was incredible as I wandered down to the beach and the Regency. Again about Kauai, you don’t need to write much the photos speak for themselves.

hawaiidisk22013 095

hawaiidisk22013 096

hawaiidisk22013 098

hawaiidisk22013 101

hawaiidisk22013 104

hawaiidisk22013 105

hawaiidisk22013 106

hawaiidisk22013 107

hawaiidisk22013 109

hawaiidisk22013 111

hawaiidisk22013 112

hawaiidisk22013 113

hawaiidisk22013 114

hawaiidisk22013 118

hawaiidisk22013 119

hawaiidisk22013 120

hawaiidisk22013 121

hawaiidisk22013 122

hawaiidisk22013 123

hawaiidisk22013 124

hawaiidisk22013 125

hawaiidisk22013 126

hawaiidisk22013 127

hawaiidisk22013 128

hawaiidisk22013 129

hawaiidisk22013 130

hawaiidisk22013 132

hawaiidisk22013 133

hawaiidisk22013 134

hawaiidisk22013 135

hawaiidisk22013 136

hawaiidisk22013 137

hawaiidisk22013 138

hawaiidisk22013 139

hawaiidisk22013 141

hawaiidisk22013 144

hawaiidisk22013 147

hawaiidisk22013 148

hawaiidisk22013 149

hawaiidisk22013 152

hawaiidisk22013 154

The plan for today is the boat for the Napali Coast. We are so hoping the weather cooperates because I’ve pined away wanting to see this coast. We booked with Na Pali Catamaran. In a word, wonderful!


The photos:

hawaiidisk22013 158

hawaiidisk22013 161

hawaiidisk22013 162

hawaiidisk22013 164

hawaiidisk22013 179

hawaiidisk22013 184

hawaiidisk22013 186

hawaiidisk22013 189

hawaiidisk22013 203

hawaiidisk22013 213

hawaiidisk22013 214

hawaiidisk22013 217

hawaiidisk22013 219


hawaiidisk22013 229

hawaiidisk22013 236

hawaiidisk22013 239

hawaiidisk22013 241

hawaiidisk22013 244

hawaiidisk22013 247

hawaiidisk22013 251

hawaiidisk22013 253

hawaiidisk22013 256

hawaiidisk22013 259

hawaiidisk22013 262

hawaiidisk22013 263

hawaiidisk22013 265

hawaiidisk22013 277

hawaiidisk22013 283

hawaiidisk22013 285

hawaiidisk22013 288

hawaiidisk22013 290

hawaiidisk22013 293

hawaiidisk22013 294

hawaiidisk22013 295

hawaiidisk22013 296

hawaiidisk22013 297

hawaiidisk22013 300

hawaiidisk22013 301

hawaiidisk22013 302

hawaiidisk22013 309

hawaiidisk22013 312

hawaiidisk22013 314

hawaiidisk22013 317

hawaiidisk22013 318

hawaiidisk22013 319

hawaiidisk22013 321

hawaiidisk22013 324

hawaiidisk22013 325

hawaiidisk22013 326

hawaiidisk22013 327

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hawaiidisk22013 355

hawaiidisk22013 361

hawaiidisk22013 362

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hawaiidisk22013 373

hawaiidisk22013 374

  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed your trip report. I go to Honolulu in 28 more days. I’ve been before but it’s been a while. So excited to visit again.

  2. Pat says:

    Been eagerly waiting for this! I had forgotten about how it gives a little sprinkle when you are too hot and then the sun comes out again! Perfect Hawaii weather… Can’t wait for next installlment!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Thank you…I really enjoyed your report wishing I had been with you

  4. GiannettaJ says:

    ty ! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am almost finished with the Kauai segment than onto Maui.

  5. Pat says:

    Photos are gorgeous! However, I really, really wanted to see you in your snorkel gear LOL! Kelly should have taken a video…;-)

  6. Maxine says:

    As always a great report. Thanks Jeannette. I also enjoyed all the photos and seeing you and Kelly having so much fun.

  7. 95Adrienne says:

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