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I’ll be honest, that’s what sealed the deal for me to head to New Orleans for Memorial Day.  I MISS THAT SHOW!   It catches a spirit that I admire in people & places.  I wanted to see if it was real, this New Orleans spirit especially after what happened with Katrina.

My accommodations: Auberge NOLA

Affordable price & location.  I was in a six-person female dorm room.  The place is great and clean as a whistle.  The staff was super friendly and the guests just made it all the more better! The courtyard was a great place to socialize.  I would definitely return.


Places I explored:

The Garden District   (beautiful)

The French Quarter  (only the first few blocks are a smelly affair)

Lafayette Cemetery  (gorgeous)

Frenchmen street & miles and miles of walking.

Algiers Ferry

Tours I used:

Free Tours by Foot  (French Quarter & Garden District)

Free Tours by Foot

Save Our Cemeteries  (dedicated to the preservation)  Very important!!!

Save Our Cemeteries

I fell madly in love while in New Orleans.  Matter of fact, I still keep thinking about it and often daydream about jumping on a plane going back for more.

Grilled Oysters….why is the whole world not grilling oysters right in the fire?



Who had the best?  THE BEST?

Hands down Drago’s !!!  If there is a line it’s still worth the wait.  They gave us a voucher to an upstairs bar and a free drink till our table was called.

Food scenes

IMG_6550IMG_6548IMG_6547Summer 2016 027IMG_6748Summer 2016 025Summer 2016 023

Random NOLA and the cool things you see along the way….


This is a video I made for my trip to Sicily.   I am very happy with the results!


Update:  I’ve got reports all over the place and am slowly trying to collect them here in my new blog.  It will be something for my grandchildren to read when I’m hairless and toothless sitting on my rocking chair so they know their grandmother or great grandmother LIVED!!!  I’ll label them “travel flashback.”

Day one – I work ten-hours and we have a 9:30 p.m. flight to London, I got my prized J16 seat, though I almost changed it, Kelly tried to get next to me, k16 and she called British air, they said no that’s for a mom and infant, well I called them right up, am I next to an infant? Please change me, the man says well its usually available for that but it has not been taken, BA lets u check-in 24 hours before the flight, for fifteen minutes ahead I’m manning the website, I have to check-in for Kelly her computer is broke, I’m bound and determined to get k16, the instant it’s on I dash off to k16 and place Kelly there, ahhhhhhhhhh relief,

We don’t sleep, always too excited plus I need the right conditions to sleep, sitting upright in a plane is not one of them, even reclining some, isn’t going to cut it, we’ve got a layover in London than off to Rome for one-night, this time we did the Leonardo express which I had never done, worked well except just missed the train, so had to wait, no biggie but by this time me and Kelly’s eyes are out on our cheeks delirious with sleep deprivation, I booked near termini, lug those cases to our street, we were in hotels same street, but different she checks in and I do, we are also starving to death, a great surprise waiting for us is a note from our friend Max who lives in Rome, he gave us the address where he was and a phone number, we couldn’t get him on the phone and no energy to find where he was, he nicknamed us the terror twins and I don’t even know if he would have recognized us, we were that tired and out of it , have u had that when u can’t even form a sentence with your mouth ? we eat dinner down the street, I will find the name, something with Angelina and we really liked it, we had a nice waiter who took good care of us, plus told me I talk with my hands and my eyes which is a mafia trait, thanks buddy !! off to bed, there’s a note on my pillow, max came there, oh lord, that means we missed him and he practically had to walk or ride right by us? This happened in New York too with max, max I promise I will buy a phone for Italy next time, I’m an anti-cell phone user but I’ll do it for you

I stayed at hotel Katty, had single but a double-bed put my sound machine on and slept the good sleep, I had a plan to meet Kelly at 1030 am, I was up earlier so I dress and head out for coffee, I find a place down the street with tables and coffee, no one is at the outside tables but I’m in Rome darn it and I want to hear Rome, I have three-cups, go into my usual shakes after, an older man walks by gives me a look, no smile, than proceeds to walk back and forth and back and forth the whole darn time, I decide I’m not speaking to him which I would usually do, no smile, no talk, I say

I go meet Kelly and tell her about where I was and we go there and eat breakfast, she had waffles with chocolate, yuckkk and I had Panini, we get to the train station and get our fast ticket to Naples, I paid a guy 3 Euros to get my stuff on the train worth every penny!

In an hour and 15 minutes, we are in Naples, that was a good ride, now to find the next train to Sorrento, we are by the big doors that go outside so I tell Kelly, well lets go out and look at Naples for a minute, so we step out look around than go back inside, I have a hard time remembering Italian names to things and if its close to a name I know I’ll memorize that, its easier, well I had already named the circum whatever train with its new name, circumcision, which I told Kelly … right off she spots a sign, see I told u I tell her, she will always recognize that train sign now, we head to down, it’s a bit crowded, we are at the right bin and a train pulls up, we go to get on and a bum says to Kelly, noooo Sorrento, nooo Sorrento, she’s asking me why is he saying that and I have no ideal either but we get on, well he is right, it does not go to Sorrento, we hop off in some town, get on an outside train station, I watched the stuff and Kelly goes to find out from someone what we need to do, she comes up on another side, I said how did u get over there? She said I don’t know???  How u getting back? I don’t know, well ask I yell, a man directs her , says next train, we sit smoke and see the train coming , Kelly gets my back pack on me, we roll to the edge and the bugger kept on going, didn’t stop, we both yell at the same time, awww *** !!!! two-workers from the office are out smoking watching they see and hear us and start chuckling, next one comes they come out again, yes this one, this one !!!! thank god,

like the ride into Sorrento, I like looking in people’s yards, buildings u name it, I see water and a shipyard, yahooooo this is it, we are on our way aren’t we? I love that,

Once we get to the Sorrento stop, there’s a man and wife who are kind of paying attention to us in that they got ohh lord can we find an elevator conversation, the man says in very little English and lots of hand movements to walk to the end kind of a box it will be easier, grazieeee we yell, after getting out of the train station and heading down the hill we see them again, he says “WHERE YOU GO?” hotel nice, he motions go left at intersection, we do, we go right on by hotel nice, he sees that and they come fast walking to us and turn us around and show us it, ahhhhh grazie I say, Italians sweet people for sure,

Rome tidbits :

Hotel Katty –…

The restaurant we really liked

Mamma Angela’s via palestro 53…

found it here !

We get to our room, two-single beds, decent size, not too small or big,, I open the window, view is of a garden and a small-pond, it has gold fish in it, there’s a pretty ash tray, Kelly says that’s not an ashtray, yes it is I said, feel the grooves, we can smoke in here !! well we do but mostly at the window, plus I asked the at the lobby because Kelly didn’t believe me, I go about unpacking, I like to feel like I’m living where I’m visiting, I like my stuff sorted, Kelly has never rolled her clothes for the suitcase, she called me before the trip to ask me about it, I said yes go for it, I do it all the time, well I was proud of her, she surely rolled and fit a lot of clothes in her bag, took her some work to do though, lot of good that did her because now that it fits and is rolled so perfectly, she didn’t want to unroll anything and wear it, I swear she only used the top layer ! LOLLL

the plan was when we got to Sorrento was to do the open-air bus to get an overview of Sorrento, since arriving later than planned we can’t and now go out onto the street to decide what, now Julie and Chris from England who were joining us for this trip had arrived the day before, Kathleen coming from Ireland was arriving the same day as us, all the sudden from about on a balcony, I hear “Jeannetteeeee” I look up and it’s the girls, Chris has a balcony on her room, yeahhhhh we yell ! they come down, we hug hard and catch up, so so happy to see the scarves, (our nickname) now ladies, chime in, u know I have the memory of a gnat, so if I forget something we did, my notes are all gone from the checked bag home, so I’m winging it,

next we go to dinner, this was to a place that Julie had been to a few years ago with her mother, actually I believe the night before they ate there too, the name of the restaurant is Largo Sedil Dominova, it’s on the little lanes that go off of Piazza Tasso, here is their website, , this place has great prices, good food and most of all live music, a fellow comes and sings with a piano player and for the life of me, I don’t know why he’s singing there and not in a concert hall because he is THAT GOOD ! he sang Bocelli, absolutely beautiful and many more artists, the restaurant also has a host of characters who work there who make it lively and fun, one little man never says a word, he just walks by, looks at you, pulls your pony tail, moves your wine, takes the parmesan, gives it back, a silent personality with gusto,

made some friends here, by the end of the night leaving I got big hugs from all and was told they were my family which was funny because a week later, walking by they all yell JEANNETTAAAA, btw all Italians say my name their way, it’s not Jeannette, it’s jeannetta, and I like it

We are headed back to the hotel, me and Julie got a beer, I was giddy happy to be back in Italy and in a special new place, I stayed out, smoked etc, Kelly went to bed, she wasn’t asleep yet and told me the sink was stopped up, filled with water, well I have to use it so decide I most go down to the desk and tell them, it’s the night guy and he is talking to some friends at the doorway, (one of which is cute ) he says he can send someone in the morning to fix it, his friend who we have nicknamed the plumber, says he will look at it, so up we go, Kelly is in the bed, he’s got a plunger, he gets that sink going in no time, Kelly’s still awake but pretending she’s asleep, somehow while saying goodbye and the Italian kiss a real one comes along, don’t ask me why, I’m vacation and don’t give a hoot, I can see Kelly’s body shaking under the sheets, she is laughing, well this can’t happen so I see him off, she has such joy telling the girls the next day about the “plumber” and you THOUGHT THE NIGHT WAS OVER ?? we had fun joking about it, it was “excEllent” and i asked Julie if she had any blockage in the room if so i knew the man to fix it,


I can tell you it has outstanding scenery, a town that’s not too big, friendly folks, musical folks, very close to stunning countryside, pubs, a sense of humor, green green fields, coastlines that no movie will ever do justice and rainbows.  Than there is the animals a plenty a favorite of mine and well it’s got rain.  Not a worry though because in about an hour you’ll see the sun, once you have that awhile the rain must get lonely and decides to come back.  The sun gets lonely too and decides to push the rain right back out to sea.  This tug of war between the two pretty much sums up each day.    While they work that deal out you must go about your day and experience all the gifts Ireland is going to bestow on you.  You won’t be disappointed I promise.

I feel like the way we organized our trip worked out perfect for me.  We booked Connemare & Cong with Galway bus tours.  We booked Celtic Compass Tours with Walt and Faherty tour for the Aran Islands.  I still got time to wander thru Galway on foot and tried to walk the promenade to Salt Hill but the wind wasn’t seeing it that way for me.  It kept blowing me back to town.  My umbrella broke in more ways than I thought possible so I attempted it again by bus.  That worked.

The musical people of Ireland are one of a kind.  I hope they never lose this talent.  Their sense of humor has its own brand of excellence as well.  A life without laughter is not really a life and the Irish get this.  I for one got my taste of it in the book Angela’s ashes which remains my favorite book of all time to this day.  Frank McCourt I will always love you.

Okay so back to Ireland and the animals.  I love how you ride down the roads and the sheep are deciding to cross or maybe not cross at all?    They may just decide to camp out till the driver yells out “come on Nelly, you’ve got to move over love.”   Walt took us to places with the animals.  He just would stop the car, we’d hop out and over a stone fence and would visit them.  Now I am afraid of the animal teeth.  The driver for Galway said watch the teeth and that stayed in my mind for every animal visit.   The donkeys were a delight too until I saw one get happy which truthfully I never saw anything like that in my life and ran to the van.  LOL   Oh my gosh and that’s all I have to say about that!

When you read or see photos about the natural beauty of Ireland that’s not tourist lure.  It’s 100 times better than you could have imagined.  Seeings believing so you seriously have to go for yourself and experience this.

I didn’t get to kiss the blarney stone for luck and the gift of gab but I did get to smooch an Irish man a couple of times for luck so I hope it’s still with me.  If not, I’ll go back and smooch another to get more!  joking……

Another benefit we had was the oyster festival so we sampled oysters that were to die for, excellent!    I love the names of pubs and restaurants in Ireland.   I could honestly take a trip and just photograph the names.    I bought a ring which I still wear today and was very surprised while just in Spain smoking at a stinky airport lounge when a fellow asks me if I’m Irish.  No, why did you think that I asked?   He said because of your ring.

My advise to you is to wear waterproof clothes.  On my day at the Aran Islands while on our way up to the ancient fort Ireland threw everything it had at us.  Raindrops as big as me, hail, wind and a path that turned into a river but no worry it gave us a dog too!   This dog barked hello and led us all the way up to the top!  He was funny he’d run ahead, stop look back, bark at us come on girls, than run ahead again.  He and Sandra made me nervous at the cliff’s edge, apparently she and the dog are not scared of heights.

Like I told you regarding the weather battles by the time we got back to the van the sky was turning blue, the sun was out but I was soaked thru and thru.  I thought I had waterproof boots on which did not turn out to be the case.  I did dress in layers and I can tell you every single layer was soaked.  This happened early on so I stayed a prune for the rest of the journey but that’s my fault.   I had to peel myself  like an apple later back at the hotel and I jumped in the bed and rolled myself up in the covers like a cocoon and swore I would never leave them again.  Never.

Promises are made to be broken and I did leave for dinner and music later because sadly our trip was coming to an end.  It was a wonderful journey thru London, Chester, Liverpool, Dublin & Galway.   The next time it will be all Ireland not combined with another country.  I didn’t realize how much more there is to see and experience.    As you can imagine, there’s still a lot on my list.    They say Irish eyes are smiling but I can honestly say so are American ones when I think of the memories of our trip to Ireland.

and did !  Prior to the trip, we had purchased the two-day hop on and off bus which if you ask me is a fantastic way to see countries.    I try to use these lots in my travels.  Dublin’s price is very good compared to what I have paid in other places as well.  We all purchased Guinness warehouse tickets as well.  I’ll do anything to get out of a line!  Let me add something, for the Kilmainham Goal, do try to get your tickets in advance so you do not miss the timings of the guided tour.

Our arrival was in time for breakfast in Dublin.  We checked in the hotel.  Pat & Chris had their own penthouse that’s what we called it because it was very large!  Kelly and I shared a double room at the hotel with bunk beds.  For the price and location, I will never complain, not even for a minute.  Ellen, Sandra and Susan were all on the same street so that’s great we are  nearby.  I’ve met lots of friends thru trip reports and researching travel and Sandra & Susan were joining us for the first time.   This was Susan’s first trip to Europe I believe and I think with Ireland she got the best introduction.    Sandra has already been to Ireland and was enchanted with her first visit and was eager to visit again.    They both had very long journeys coming from California.  The rest of us had already started our  trip thru London, Liverpool and Chester.  We were lucky enough to be rid of the jet lag and were on European time.  I have to say the girls did fantastic and looked rested and eager to explore on their first day.

We are all hungry and decided on pub in Temple Bar area and found one nearby.  There was a daily special with Irish stew and Guinness since Arthur’s Day was coming.  I never heard of Arthur’s day but stumbled across it doing research and thought okay we will experience Arthur’s Day too on this trip.  I have not had a Guinness and neither did some of the other girls.  Well a pint for $3 euro is a deal that cannot be missed.  So Guinness for breakfast it is along with Irish stew.  Now Chris wasn’t keen on trying it for breakfast but with persuasion she relented.  She wanted a 1/2 pint at first but we said what you don’t drink, we will.   We tell the waitress it’s our first pint and took photos.  We all get our first gulp and I’ll never forget Chris with the star struck eyes saying, “THIS IS BRILLIANT”!     I always joke she took to it like a baby to mother’s milk!   I can tell you there was not one drop left over to finish off for her.  Ellen, who doesn’t even like beer, liked the Guinness as well.  It’s a dark pretty drink I think and I love watching it settle.   The stew was more delicious than we could have imagined.

One the bus, we plan on visiting the Kilmainham Gaol first.  Gaol is pronounced jail by the way I did not know this.  For me, it’s the most important stop on the bus and anything else I get to see is a bonus.  I like history and historical places and this is indeed important in Irish history.   There’s dark history here.  Hangings took place in the beginning but later that stopped.  My thoughts while exploring were the words, “dark and cold.” which I had read about while researching before the trip. On the day of our visit, it’s a blue sky and sunny but to experience the reality of the situation keep the mindset of those words.  It scares me to death!   I’ve read that women got the raw deal here having worse conditions than the men actually.  You can imagine (or maybe not) being crammed into a cell here, filthy, cold and hungry.  Children went to prison for crimes like stealing bread.  Can you imagine jailing a child?  It’s not a pleasant place at all.

I kept getting the chills because you can sense the suffering that was here right down to your bones.   I did anyway.  Ireland’s struggle for independence is written all over these prison walls.  The leaders of the 1916 Easter rising were executed here and you will be led right to the spot of executions.  You will see the names who were at one time living breathing souls.  The man who was strapped in the chair because he was so ill and injured was James Connolly.  He had to be carried out to this chair before execution.  The Victorian wing you explore was built for guards to watch many prisoners at the same time.   Imagine the sounds while you stand there looking around.  Joseph Plunkett , a nationalist was married here right before his execution and you will see his wife’s cell and the mural she painted.   You’ve got cells with barely a peephole.  Horrible places.   As you go thru this prison, you are taken by a guide who explains the history, occupants and jail.  Our guide was excellent.  I will not write about every detail but know this — you will learn lots from a visit here.  I HIGHLY suggest a visit if you are going to be in Dublin.  I tried to take as many photographs as I could to capture the feel.  You can never photograph the coldness.

Kilmainham Goal visit photographs:

the mural by Grace

the mural by Grace

I suggest reading some history before your trip here

I suggest reading some history before your trip here

site of execution

site of execution

the executed

the executed

the prison

the prison

the ugliness

the ugliness

dark and cold and I bet this shows more light than there ever actually was

dark and cold and I bet this shows more light than there ever actually was





londonsept2012 627


londonsept2012 624

Grace’s cell plaque

the Victorian wing

the Victorian wing



small cell

small cell



prison walls

prison walls


prisoner staircase (the guards got the straight stairway)

prisoner staircase (the guards got to use the straight stairway)

londonsept2012 654

vintage photos

londonsept2012 646


londonsept2012 647

outside the prison

londonsept2012 648

views of the prison

Luckily we have the privilege of leaving the prison and head back out to bright skies to explore more of Dublin.

It’s a neat Irish city.   In the evening, we have dinner in the Temple Bar area than hunt for traditional Irish music.   One spot we went to was very fun!  They had live music and a very lively crowd.  I think this is the craic I’ve always read about.  We make friends with Irishmen there.   We were hanging out with a crowd of them at one point and they burst out into song and suddenly I was lifted up in the air.  Yes in the air!   I can’t tell you what song it was but it must involve lifting the girl.

Life flows out of these Irish men, they are so funny and so are the women actually!  I am pretty sure of all the places I’ve ever been the Irish have top honor for humor.  Speaking of songs, one song I heard everywhere was cockles and mussels.   I wasn’t familiar with it before but now it’s playing over and over again in your head, bits of it anyway.  Matter of fact, I had some bits wrong because we were talking about it at home and I was saying I think it said “we had cockles, mussels and shells”.  Kelly who was humming it too in Dublin said no, there weren’t shells in the song.  We looked it up  and it is the Molly Malone song.   Be prepared, you are going to hear quite a bit and find yourself humming along.   I knew to look for her statue and the ample bosom in Dublin but didn’t know there was a song about her.

Here is Sinead O’Connor singing it if you would like to listen:

and here are the lyrics so you can start learning at home.

n Dublin’s fair city,
Where the girls are so pretty,
I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone,
As she wheeled her wheel-barrow,
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying, “Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!”
“Alive, alive, oh,
Alive, alive, oh”,
Crying “Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh”.
She was a fishmonger,
But sure ’twas no wonder,
For so were her father and mother before,
And they each wheeled their barrow,
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying, “Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!”
She died of a fever,
And no one could save her,
And that was the end of sweet Molly Malone.
Now her ghost wheels her barrow,
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying, “Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh

I didn’t get to see the statue but here is info on it:

Molly is commemorated in a statue designed by Jeanne Rynhart, erected to celebrate the city’s first millennium in 1988. Placed at the bottom of Grafton Street in Dublin, this statue is known colloquially as “The Tart With The Cart”, “The Dish With The Fish”, “The Trollop With The Scallop(s)”, “The Dolly With the Trolley”, and “The Flirt in the Skirt”. The statue portrays Molly as a busty young woman in seventeenth-century dress. Her low-cut dress and large breasts were justified on the grounds that as “women breastfed publicly in Molly’s time, breasts were popped out all over the place.”

We’re all making friends in the pub and I’m getting a low battery and regretfully do not have as many photos as I would have liked.   Day one and night in Dublin, very satisfying with food, history and merriment!

Day Two:  (Arthur’s Day)

It’s going to be Arthur’s Day and I’ve seen a bit of commercials “paint the town black.”  Arthur’s day is when Guinness drinkers are expected to raise a glass to the memory of Arthur Guinness at 17:59 (5:59 pm), a reference to 1759, the year the Guinness Brewery was established.

We’ve got tickets to the Guinness Warehouse this day so far as we were concerned you couldn’t start off in a better spot.  The tour usually starts out at one level than you work your way up to the sky bar at the top and have your proper Guinness with views of Dublin.  Fantastic views I might add!

Since Sandra has been here before and was touring something else that day, we decided to meet here.  She and Susan taxied there and we go straight up to the top and have our Guinness toast for breakfast which has me laughing because we’re always drinking Guinness in Dublin for breakfast it seems?  J   I thank both Sandra and Susan for coming all the way over there and buying a ticket to be with us there for that toast with the stunning views and celebrate our meeting and travel in Ireland.

Now you remember Chris who took to Guinness like mother’s milk is THRILLED with this visit and the exploration.  Sandra and Susan leave and me, Chris and Kelly split up and each explore on our own.  Chris is going to take her time and photograph lots and she is a fantastic photographer!  Now Pat has ancestors from near the Blarney stone area and she has to get there on this day and has arranged early transport and this is going to be a long day trip for her and we will meet her again in the evening.  Ellen was not here because she had a list of her own of things she wanted to do this day.  Again that is what I love about traveling with all these ladies.  You are always free to go off and do your own things like shop, sleep, explore, it’s all good, anything you choose.

to be continued:  (because I am suffering with an extreme case of poison ivy with eyes looking like Rocky !



July 2012


On Saturday morning, Megabus is our best friend to New York. Arriving on time, we head to our friend Ellen’s house to spend one night.  The next day we are moving to a hotel I wanted Kelly to check out.  Kelly goes home Monday, me on Tuesday.  This trip is going to be short but sweet.

The plan is to train to New Jersey later in the evening.  Another friend (Barb) will pick us up from a station there and take us to the State Theater in New Brunswick. We are going to the Glen Burtnik & Friends/The Music of Paul McCartney show. Not that we don’t love Glen Burtnik but the draw for us is Reagan Richards who’s going to sing at this show as well. (on my blog I have videos posted of her) I love her music videos and voice so I was thrilled when Barb suggested let’s go see Reagan.  Maxine our other friend who lives outside of NY city is coming into town as well and will see the show with us.

The Show

The show was excellent and a wonderful trip down memory lane! Reagan’s persona and voice is even better live on a stage. She’s a force to be reckoned with, so watch out! Her time in the sun is coming! It’s all we can do not to hop up and dance in the aisles but we sit on our hands. Kinda! What I liked about the show was that Glen Burtnic showcased so many musicians and singers. Some known, some not, it was all wonderful to me. We all really enjoyed this show. I have to tell you one funny thing or thought. As I looked around the theater, I see quite a bit of older couples, 70ish and I think wow that’s strange them all coming out to this show– than it dawns on me in the next thought,– well of course they would, Paul McCartney will always look like a boy to me but he’s not, he’s 70! These are his mates, his era, his people.

Ding dong I say to myself.

Headed back on a train to New York, we can’t keep our eyes open. Is that bed going to feel good tonight?  Today has been about planes, trains, automobiles and fantastic music.

Oh btw, we didn’t get sleep the night before leaving because the Olympic opening was on plus I had taped a show about the Frick museum I wanted my friend Kelly to see since that was on our New York agenda.  We had an early bus but all in all I think we did alright.

New York Highlights:

  • I’m in love with a market. Agata & Valentina, go see for yourself
  • The Frick museum. I give thanks to this man for opening his home and sharing his treasure. The painting of Sir Thomas More is my favorite. Fascinating man in his own right till Henry the VIII had him executed. Sharing the same wall with him. Thomas Cromwell a man I’m not fond of in history. He was whacked too later. What comes around goes around. I think the painting makes him look like a squinty eyed weasel. Fair depiction I say. (see the Tudors if you like your history with some fine actors, drama and dresses to die for) On Sundays at the Frick , it’s pay what you want till 1 p.m.
  • Having a Corona viewing the New York skyline just when the lights are starting to twinkle on
  • Katz deli and I’ll have what he’s having. This is restaurant where Meg Ryan did her bit mimicking the throes of fake passion and the lady says, “I’ll have what she’s having” I was dying to say it to the waitress. Oh you cannot do that, it’s so damn corny I thought. A man gets served at a table in front of me. It’s probably the most beautiful Reuben I’ve ever seen. Waitress comes to our table next, are you ready to order? “Yes,” I say and “what is that sandwich he has?” Is it a Reuben? Yes she answers, BEAMING I say, I’ll have what he’s having! It was my crowning moment. LOLLLLLLL
  • The tenement museum. It’s a little pricey because you pay per tour. Since we’re going to Ireland we picked the Irish tour. It was very good. I don’t think I would have wanted to be an immigrant in the 1800’s. It’s a very hard life. The generations that came later ought to thank their lucky stars that these people persevered and give thanks.

Heard in New York in a NY accent.  (always a treat)

  • while asking a bus driver what bus I needed he shouts out with enthusiasm “there go your bus” pointing down the street.”
  • In Chinatown, a lady is impatient waiting to get into the backroom for the fake goods. She’s been waiting 20 minutes. She leaves goes into the next shop where we were too! She tells the heavily NY accented shopkeeper that’s she’s miffed she stood over there 20 minutes waiting for her turn. His reply “whadaya think you’re a princess? Should get right in?
  • Construction workers with steel or iron bar looking things. Big guy shouts out to the others down the street a bit as me and Kelly are approaching, DOUBLE BABES COMING YOUR WAY! The others who have been alerted all kind of nod their heads when we get to them saying how u doin? have a nice day ladies?  Kelly and I were so proud we were called double babes. At our age, it was our Miss America moment walking across the stage!
  • A bum asking us if we were having trouble outside Penn station with another bum who was mad we wouldn’t give him a cigarette.  He says, he gives you trouble let me know, this is my block!
  • A well-dressed guy pleading for money to get a ticket for the train.  I have $2 dollars which he shows me in his hand, he  only needs $5 more.  The sucker that I am gives him $5.  A Chinese man comes up to me after and says he’s a liar he does this stint every day.  Walks off miffed.
  • A lady cussing us all out in a subway car in another language.

Saw in NY

  • On the subway, a guy dressed like a woman, do let me describe…………..Flaring short black skirt, black fish net stocking on one leg, a hairy manly leg on the other, heels, black hat, glasses, sexy top holding a beautiful broccoli salad.  Apparently he’s dressed for a garden party.
  • The Imagine mosaic  while having a hotdog breakfast at Strawberry Fields.  Two girls approach, cute girls, one wearing short shorts, she proceeds to sit on the mosaic legs spread from here to Ethiopia, right above the word Imagine.   Onlookers are  British tourists, (couples) eyes are big as saucers trying not to laugh.  “Imagine” one says, “I don’t have to imagine anything we’ve seen it all”  and we did.
  • Celebrity Jon Cryer walking down the street (Two and a half Men)

Things that fill you with such pride, make your heart hurt and tears well in your eyes.

Hallowed ground the 9/11 memorial

I applied online to receive a ticket for the memorial.  You cannot attend without one.  Each person visits with their own feelings and emotions so this is just from my own personal perspective.    This memorial is not complete but is open to visitors.

For me, if the memorial was only the North and South Pool with the names it could be enough.  The cascading waterfalls stir a feeling of peace in me.  The names stir a feeling of sadness.  These names are people just like you and me.  Innocent people.  The sound of the construction equipment stirs a feeling of pride and of spirit.  We are going to be stronger than before, we are America. The Freedom Tower is going to be 1776 feet and the tallest building in the US. Bigger and better and I feel tremendously proud of this.  There are more plans for the memorial which will include a museum, 400 trees will be planted, a Memorial Glade for gatherings and ceremonies and a train station.  It’s going to be a beautiful place to honor the victims of terrorism.  Bring sunglasses you are going to need them.

I love NY!