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I think we packed a lot in on our San Francisco trip.  It was much colder than I anticipated so we bought sweatshirts than we were fine.  We saw a lot of other tourists who must of experienced the same.  I bet sweatshirts sell well in SF!!!  🙂

San Francisco august 2016 060

We stayed at a hostel and although it was decent and a super nice staff, I would not stay there again.  Outside the hostel, were too many aggressive homeless.  I have never seen that before and it was rather shocking.  One being very aggressive even made it into the lobby !  I’ve seen homeless everywhere but not really going after people.

Besides that, we had a wonderful stay.   Here is a lineup of our activities.  We loved Dylan’s Tours and that’s how we got to a lot of these things.

The streetcar ride  ( a must )

Fisherman’s Wharf & the Seals


Pacific Heights

Day trip to Monterey/CarmelPebble Beach  (very nice and beautiful scenery)

Golden Gate Bridge

Suausalito /Muir Woods  (BEAUTIFUL)

Haight Ashbury

SF Fog (hey it’s an attraction too!  🙂

For your viewing pleasure photos of our first trip to SF.  Last year, I went to a lot of places for the first time.  Gosh I love that !  Exploration 🙂  San Francisco has many things to offer.  Go ahead a treat yourself !

I think pictures speak louder than words so here are some more !

It’s vital to have comfy shoes here.  Next time, I will bring more warm things!

(watch there be a massive heatwave)