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After a great trip in the hot summer, I returned again in November.  This time with my mother who had herself a glorious time.   A cold front had hit Nashville and it was extremely cold not what I remotely expected.   We stayed at the hostel that I used in August.  Mom liked it a lot.  I was very surprised !

This time I mainly went into bar after bar.  I had Mom listening at the door and if she liked what she heard, we went in to possibly find a seat.  It does get very crowded.  Sometimes we were lucky.   There was a Marine’s ball in Nashville so we met lots and lots of them and they all looked so nice and the ladies gowns were beautiful.  I took lots of pics of Mom well because she is Mom.  🙂   Her knee gave her problems and we had to put on her brace but that didn’t stop her for a minute !   The trip was too short.  I did not get to take her to any of the museums or Grand Ole Opry.

We do plan on coming back !!!


A Beatles tour not to be missed. Is there anything better than seeing Liverpool, learning about the Beatles early history, visiting homes while listening to the tunes? I think not.

Penny Lane is in my ears and now in my eyes.


This is a video I made for my trip to Sicily.   I am very happy with the results!


It’s time to share a good thing

I actually saw this on Julian Lennon’s page and I liked it so for your listening pleasure………here is:

Big Bad World  Acoustic L.A.

Go far!



check out Lose Your Mind on here :

I got that Rishikesh feeling on this one!  I like that !

another nice little blip here:

and this is Pray

ciao for now,